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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at GLRS? If so, please email for further information! You can also fill out a volunteer application online.

All prospective volunteers are required to attend an orientation. We also require volunteers to commit to donating least 24 hours of time over a 3-month period.

18 and up no problem! We require that you sign our volunteer release form.
17 please bring a youth release form signed by a parent or guardian.
10-16 please bring an adult with you (over 18) and a youth release form (accompanying adult must also fill out a volunteer release form).
9 and under please note that we require an adult "partner volunteer". This person must be willing to volunteer alongside of the youth volunteer. Please bring a youth release form signed by a parent/legal guardian and we ask that the accompanying adult sign our volunteer release form.

Socializing Training Program
If you are interested in learning how to socialize some needy bunnies please contact for additional information!

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary is dependent upon our hard-working, committed volunteers to keep operating. We simply could not continue without this volunteer help, and always need more people to give their time to help care for the animals.

Below is a list of many of the volunteer opportunities we offer. If you would like to volunteer, please complete our volunteer application available as an online form or download the PDF.

Feeding and Cleaning
Feeding and cleaning are the most basic chores and provide a great way to spend time with the animals while helping with a vital function of the sanctuary. This is somewhat physical and good exercise for someone stuck in an office all day. It is also the best way to make friends with all the rabbits, as they will come hopping to you when they see you are there with food! Please contact us for the times and more information.

Especially during molting seasons, the rabbits need to be groomed. Even if you don’t have much experience with rabbits, there are friendlier bunnies who could benefit from a good brushing. Volunteers who are more experienced and knowledgeable can also clip nails and perform basic health checks.

Pick Up and Delivery of Produce Donations
We are fortunate to receive donations of produce from various local grocery stores. This food must be picked up every morning and evening. If you don’t mind driving but don’t have time to feed or do other chores, this is a great way to help out. Contact us for days currently not covered by volunteers.

Transportation to Veterinarian
Though not a daily activity, new rabbits need to be spayed and neutered. We have a list of volunteers to call when we need help with transportation for one of these appointments. If you would like to be added to the list of “bunny transporters,” please let us know.

Pen and Barn Maintenance
Some chores are done daily, as with the Feeding and Cleaning mentioned above, while other jobs are done less frequently. Pen and Barn Maintenance can include mucking the Hoppy Hollow rabbit pens and replacing straw, in addition to other cleaning chores. This is a good job for individuals who are unable to commit to a regular time or can help out only occasionally. This is also a physical job and requires stamina.

Socializing Needy Animals
Many rabbits who come to us are scared of people, have not been around other rabbits, or have been neglected or mistreated and need extra TLC. Socializing is a great job for anyone who wants to make a real difference in the lives of newcomers to the sanctuary, and it is also a great job for anyone with physical limitations. The rabbits will appreciate your spending 15 minutes or more just holding and caressing and speaking softly to one of them at a time. You will have a friend for life!

Work Days
The purpose of a Work Day is to tackle those bigger projects like painting, building maintenance and repairs, and other tasks that can’t be accomplished during regular business hours. For more information on some of the projects, please contact us. Upcoming Work Days can be found on the “events” page of our website.

Construction Projects
We constantly seek to improve the sanctuary and make needed repairs, so there are always projects, from simple to more complex, that we need skilled volunteers to work on. If you have any experience with such jobs we would love your help!

Grounds Maintenance
It is always a struggle for us to keep the grass mowed. Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed, and flowers planted to beautify the sanctuary. We also have gardening chores to do, as we grow various herbs and greens for the rabbits.

Do you have an interest in fundraising? Our event planning team has a spot for you! They plan fun events to help raise funds for the rabbits and build awareness of our cause. Helping at these events is also a wonderful opportunity for individuals who don’t have time available on a regular basis, but would still like to get involved and help the rabbits.

Grant Writing
Skilled grant writers find appropriate grant opportunities for GLRS. If you have an interest in grant writing we’d love to hear from you!

Volunteer Recruitment
As a volunteer-run organization, we depend on having a solid group of committed volunteers to keep the organization vital and healthy. If you have volunteer recruitment experience, please contact us!

Do you have marketing skills and knowledge? We would love help in promoting our mission as well as educating the public on the needs of domestic rabbits in our area.

©2014 Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary. The mission of Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary is to provide sanctuary to rescued rabbits,
and to educate the public regarding the joys of house rabbits, proper rabbit care, rabbit health, and rabbit behavior.
P.O. Box 7, Whittaker, MI 48190 • (734) 461-1726
GLRS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. Our federal tax ID# is 38-3241481.