housing_cp_penWhen it comes to cages and living areas, bigger is better. Rabbits need a lot of exercise, and small “rabbit” cages sold in pet stores are generally inadequate. The minimum recommended cage size is four times the rabbit’s full length when stretched out on her tummy, tip of nose to the end of her feet. Many house bunnies are completely free-running and do not have a cage at all. If you need to confine your rabbit you can simply put him in one bunny-proofed room and close the door as you would with a cat or dog, or use a baby gate so he can see out of the room. An alternative to a cage is portable fencing, such as the circular exercise pens sold for small dogs. A chair mat from an office supply store can serve as the floor – the heavy plastic is easy to clean. Also, metal shelving grids sold in the home storage departments of many stores can be connected to each other with cable ties to make a custom enclosure, as shown in the photo at right. These solutions allow for a larger and less expensive habitat for a rabbit than does a pre-made cage.

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