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Domestic Rabbit Care

Rabbits are comedic and charming companions. They are full of joy and when watching them you experience a range of emotions from calm and contentment, to laughter and amazement, to a flash of frustration when they have done something naughty. But one look at those big eyes, comical ears and fuzzy little bodies and just as quickly any transgressions are forgiven. It is only when rabbits feel safe and secure that their delightful bunny personalities begin to blossom.

Bunster and AlmonzoUnfortunately, rabbits are also one of the most misunderstood of today’s domestic pets and they are not suitable for everyone, especially most small children. There is an amazing amount of misinformation about proper care, medical issues and social needs in rabbit-care handbooks, in “common knowledge” and even more disturbing, from rabbit breeders themselves. Therefore we have included our pamphlet Bunny Basics for you to download, which will provide you with reliable information about rabbits. Whether you have never had a pet rabbit before or are an experienced rabbit owner we urge you to read this information. We believe it is invaluable in helping you care for your rabbit so that he or she leads a long and healthy life.

In addition, we encourage you to purchase The House Rabbit Handbook and Rabbit Health in the 21st Century, two highly acclaimed books that will help you to provide the best life possible for you rabbit. If you make your purchase at one of the bookstores found at iGive, a portion of the proceeds will go to the rabbits!

Liam and Edgar Symma and Baldwin Q with a toy

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